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Mortgage lending

Whatever insurance you choose, if you manage to save, the money still has no return. Mortgage never was cheap. The psychological barrier of 12% per annum was overcome for a long time and even was considered to be the norm. Now the stakes rose even more and even faster than it was in 2008. After the Central Bank raised the refinancing rate to 17%, banks could not change the terms of lending. And they did it. Those who had the misfortune to take currency mortgages, the problems with raising rates by and large are not important, they have better things to do. Namely, how to pay overnight has risen in price almost twice mortgage? For these borrowers, the government is looking for options. Perhaps these customers will be able to refinance your loan and issued ruble-denominated mortgages at a rate that banks currently offer. As for those borrowers who have already managed to take out a mortgage, then they, despite the anxiety, nothing to worry about. Banks cannot unilaterally change the terms of the contract, so that their mortgage will not be more expensive. Of course, banks may try to do something similar, deception offering you to sign a new contract allegedly on more favorable terms for you. However, it can be regarded as fraud. But still, very carefully read all contracts that you sign the offer, and not only in Bank.


Buying an apartment with the help of a mortgage, a person can become the owner of the home. However, his rights as owner are limited because this space is the key. The debtor has the right to register their family members, and bequeath. But you should remember that the heir will not only get the square footage, but your obligations.